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Boxing doesn’t have to be complex so Box Barre haven’t made it that way! In fact, they’ve made it real easy to learn by having 6 punches, each with their own number.

Once you learn the punches you’ll be throwin’ like Rocky in his prime. ADRIAN!!!

Or maybe you’re not about all that jumping around and punching? Enter Barre…High intensity, low-impact, full-body workouts, leaving you wanting more…after you’ve recovered! 

Both will help you towards your goals in an exciting, social, hard-hitting way!

Discover a new passion

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Box Barre looks at the life of a professional athlete and aims to bring that reality a little closer to everyone’s lives! The gym shouldn’t be a process, it should be a lifestyle. That’s why Box Barre have taken every once of effort out of it (apart from the actual workout!). When you arrive, you visit reception, sign in, grab your towel then head down to the waiting room before your workout. After you’ve smashed your workout, revive your body in the luxury changing rooms…ohh and don’t worry about remembering your shower stuff…they have it all!

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Learn the ropes of the ring in a full-body boxing workout. Combining heart-pounding cardio, resistance drills, and technique on the aqua bags! You're sure to leave exhausted.
Box Barre workouts are split into 3 sessions, signature, sweat, and power. Each one shifts the focus slightly targetting different goals, with all of them making you work hard and have fun!


Let's slow it down a little with a Barre workout! Don't let the name fool you, these sessions will be full-body, low-impact exercises that focus on control and technique whilst keeping the intensity high!

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