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 2 free sessions & 20% off with valid Samdai Card



 2 free sessions & 20% off with valid Samdai Card


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Whether you are looking to get into fitness, wanting to have a healthier lifestyle, or wanting help to recover from an injury. Then Hii fitness is perfect for you! They have 3 programmes that will increase function in daily life by offering the personal training experience in a group environment. They also offer delicious food and drinks to keep you energised during your sessions, and include a digital health and nutritional coaching portal to help you on your journey.

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Matt H

Intensity + Recovery

Jenny C


Ryan S


Laura H

Intensity + Serenity

total body fitness - Comprehensive health plans

mind body and soul


this course helps to push Yourself to get to your best performance. This consists of having rapid fire conditioned sessions to get your heart pumping, skin sweating and Endorphins flowing.

Hii: Serenity

Hii fitness have serenity sessions which is a unique blend of yoga with various other fitness activities to help you strengthen those muscles, destress your brain and stretch those limbs.

hii: Recovery

the recovery courses are brilliant for those who need to loosen up those muscles and to stretch them limbs. It's simply a session to repair, release and restore your body!

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