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We aim to grow the local community, putting money back where it belongs


We are relentless in making sure everyone involved with Samdai is respected equally

Our story

Samdai’s founder and CEO Darren Forde was training the day before his rugby game when his friends’ boots broke. This resulted in his friend having to wear old boots as he had no time to get a new pair before the game, and the quickest delivery around was next day, which had already passed the order deadline. This sparked the question ‘why can’t you order something, and it come straight away?’.  

Over the coming months Darren had repeatedly seen and heard his now fiancé and her friends ‘faffing’ before nights out. It usually involved conversations like: “I’ve got nothing to wear”, “I can’t wear that again”, “I’ve got no time to get anything!”. This produced the idea of instant delivery, developing into Samdai’s delivery that we see today.

Someone holding boots for Samdai about us page
Samdai CEO Darren Forde

What is samdai now?

Samdai saw its life begin in the storm we have all come to know as Covid-19! This was difficult to navigate with many of the stores partnered with Samdai having to close! Darren saw many businesses in Sheffield struggling and in many cases having to close…He wanted to do something about it. This is where Samdai got its upgrade. Darren decided to change Samdai from a simple same-day fashion & beauty delivery service to a hub that will allow people to have great experiences with minimal planning and less money #discounts!

The journey to its new vision has started with the launch of Samdai VIP, a discount membership giving members discounts to the BEST Sheffield has to offer. From entertainment to stores, to hospitality, you can get discounts at them all, both online and in-store. The future of the platform will see Samdai’s past and present merge into one, creating the ultimate lifestyle app that allows members to really enjoy life! From instant 2-hour fashion deliveries on an app to getting discounts at the places you want to wear them! Lets say… The Deliveroo of Fashion.

Sheffield's Best Discount Membership Sound Good?

You can get discounts at top businesses in Sheffield. For entertainment, stores and hospitality, Samdai VIP gives you discounts at them all for a single price of £15.00 for the whole year! You’d be silly not to!


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