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Discover the benefits of partnering with Samdai to revolutionise your fashion business. Unlock new opportunities for growth, sustainability, and customer satisfaction by becoming a valued partner in our network.

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Empowerment for our retail partners

Partnering with Samdai offers a range of advantages for businesses in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle sectors. From enhanced visibility and increased foot traffic to eco-friendly delivery options and exclusive rewards for your customers, find out how a partnership with Samdai can elevate your brand.

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100% Risk-free

Join Samdai risk-free. Explore new growth avenues with confidence, integrating same-day delivery seamlessly with no onboarding fees or commitments.

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Enhanced brand visibility and exposure

Partnering with Samdai expands your reach, connecting you with a wider audience of fashion-forward customers seeking sustainable, same-day delivery options.

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Increased sales opportunities

Partnering with Samdai expands your sales potential with more customers opting for your products due to faster delivery, you’ll see a significant boost in sales.

How's it work for retailers?

Onboard your store and upload inventory

Sign up and onboard your store on the Samdai platform, then easily upload your inventory of fashion and beauty products. You can also use our Shopify API to automate your inventory management.

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Seamlessly manage orders through the Samdai app

Effortlessly handle and track orders from start to finish with Samdai’s intuitive platform, ensuring efficient order processing and delivery.

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Receive timely payments for your orders

Enjoy seamless and timely payments for your orders, ensuring steady cash flow and hassle-free transaction management.

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Get started with same day delivery today!

Get started with same day delivery today!

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