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At Samdai, we understand the importance of driving sales and increasing foot traffic for hospitality businesses. That’s why we’ve created a platform that connects fashion-savvy customers with the best local retailers and hospitality partners. By joining our network of partners, you’ll be able to offer exclusive discounts to our subscribers, helping to attract new customers and increase repeat business.

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It’s helped me connect with so many uni students!

Samdai supported businesses through the pandemic and continues to do so…

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More Money Guaranteed

With Samdai, you'll see most of the orders will be additional sales. Every time you see someone's card, you make extra money.

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Join Samdai with no fee and no commitment. There are absolutely no fees when becoming a Samdai VIP Partner.

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By joining Samdai, you join a community of like-minded businesses, sharing resources, and gaining visibility.

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Unlock the full potential of your VIP partnership with Samdai by tracking your exclusive discounts in real time! Watch your earnings grow as you see how many people have redeemed your offer and find out who’s seeing it.

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