10% off all food using VIP card



10% off all food using VIP card!


Sports, drinks and great food, the only thing missing is you! 

Whether you’re out with your besties at the weekend catching the live sports or having a cheeky pint after work, Champs has what you need! Boasting a HUGE video wall, Ultra 4k TV’s and intimate party booths, you won’t want to leave!

After getting your sports fix it’s time to venture over to the game zone where you can show your real competitive streak… Whether you’re a dad showing your son “how it’s done” on the pool table, showing everyone how you taught Michael Van Gerwen (#1 ranked darts player…yes we had to Google it!) “everything he knows” or having a cheeky game of beer pong with the girls, Champs has it all!

Once you’ve squeezed in your last excuse for why you lost every game, it’s time to soak up your losses with brilliant drinks and even better food! Boasting their home made burgers made from the best cuts of beef and chicken, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Do you pick the mouth-watering Jim beam bourbon BBQ burger or do you go for the classic burger made for champs…The Champion Burger? Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed…

Want discount at Champs?

You can get discounts at Champs and many other top businesses in Sheffield. For entertainment, stores and hospitality, Samdai VIP gives you discounts at them all for a single price of £9.99 for the whole year! You’d be silly not to!


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