Before becoming a member of the best discount membership in Sheffield, we have a few things you need to agree to below, take a look!


1. ‘Partners’ means all venues working with Samdai Ltd to offer discounts through our VIP membership.

2. ‘We’, ‘Ourselves’ and ‘Our’ means Samdai Ltd.

3. ‘Site’ and ‘Website’ means


We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any point and will notify our members by uploading the most up-to-date version to our website under “VIP Terms & Conditions”.

  • Cardholders of the Samdai VIP Card are entitled to an annual membership starting from the date on which you placed the order.
  • To receive a discount in person, a valid Samdai VIP card must be presented at the point of sale. A valid Samdai VIP card is:
    1. In possession of the rightful owner.
    2. Only valid up to and including the expiry date printed on the reverse of the card.
    3. Has not been tampered with or deemed to be modified in any way.
  • To see online discount codes, a valid Samdai VIP membership profile must be logged into. A valid Samdai VIP profile is:
  1. Used by the rightful owner
  2. Only valid up to and including the expiry date attached to the profile in question.
  3. Registered and paid in full for a subscription
  • The Samdai site offers a variety of discounts and benefits from a variety of third parties. Whilst we have used our best endeavours to source and maintain accurate information on these offers, we cannot promise the accuracy of such information at all times.
  • It is your responsibility to check details such as pricing, locations, discount details, the need for pre-booking and other restrictions before ordering.
  • Participating venues reserve the right to accept the Samdai VIP card on a discretionary basis should they doubt its validity.
  • We are not liable to provide a replacement Samdai VIP card should it be lost or cosmetically damaged. You can contact customer services to pay for a replacement card by emailing [email protected]
  • Our social media and website are updated frequently and aim to represent the latest changes and direction of Samdai VIP and all its partners.
  • Sometimes our Partners’ details or specifically offer details have to be removed, cancelled or amended due to circumstances beyond our control. Where possible we will always seek to communicate this information to members, but we shall not be liable for such changes or Partners that refuse to honour the stated discount or offer or changes detailed.
  • The information we present online is used for information purposes only and the images for illustration purposes only. We do not make any warranty or guarantee of any material on our site.
  • Samdai Ltd directors and other agents will not be liable for damages that could occur through connection with Samdai Ltd.
  • We are not liable for the wellbeing of Samdai VIP cardholders or the experience that follows at Partner’s venues. We will not be involved in relations between cardholders and Partner’s venues.
  • Discounts on the consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted at the discretion of Partners. We are not responsible for, nor do we promote the overconsumption of alcoholic beverages and we would like to make cardholders aware of the ‘Drink Aware’ campaigns.
  • We are not responsible for the promotion of the overconsumption of alcoholic beverages and we make all cardholders aware of the ‘Drink Aware’ campaigns.
  • These terms and conditions, and any agreement entered into in connection with the same, shall be interpreted in accordance with the English law and subject the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

How to become a member

  • If you have received a promotional membership or membership as a gift, the card will be valid for so long as we have decided. These are not rolling contracts and are received for free.
  • You can become a Samdai VIP member in a number of ways.
  1. Purchase a VIP card from one of our partners in their venues, using the last 5 digits of your membership number as your discount code for your online membership.
  2. Purchasing your digital membership and membership card directly from our website as an annual subscription.
  3. Using an affiliate link or referral code is given to you to access discounted membership benefits.

Membership Cards

  • If you have received a promotional membership or membership as a gift, the card will be valid for so long as we have decided. These are not rolling contracts and are received for free.
  • Membership cards remain the property of us at all times and may be renewed or cancelled as per our Cancellation section.
  • Members seeking a replacement card due to loss, theft or damage, can do so by emailing Customer Support at [email protected]. A fee will apply for the new card, in some cases including admin and postage fees.

Cancellation of Membership

  • We believe that Samdai’s VIP membership is the best around and that you’d have to be crazy to want to cancel, however, if you wish to cancel your membership, you must do so within 14 days of your initial date of payment (the “cooling-off period”). Contact us on 0800 9875 654 (Mon-Sat 9am – 6.30pm) or email [email protected] You may be asked to return your full membership pack and card (unused) to us within a further 14 days, you will receive a full refund of your membership fee and your profile will be cancelled. Subject to any other statutory rights you may have, we do not provide refunds for any cancellations after the cooling-off period has expired.


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