Getting to know – Lee from OTB

Getting to Grips with "Lee from OTB"

Lee from OTB had his first professional fight in his home city of Sheffield on 27th September, and we've caught up with him to get to know a little more..

By Abbey Rutherford

We’re buzzing with excitement! Lee from OTB is fighting his biggest fight of the year on the 23rd of October after cruising through his first professional debut within his home town of Sheffield! This will be his second fight in his home town, against a much tougher opponent… there’s one thing we just know… he’ll win! His sponsor, Darren, the Founding Director of Samdai, is going to be there to watch and cheer him on.Here’s a little info on Levi and his journey so far… 

“All my brothers boxed so naturally I wanted to as well. From an early age, I remember my older brothers always coming back from training with their gloves and head guards. They always used to make me, and my younger brother Dan put the gloves on and fight.”

Levi has impressed time and time again, so we wanted to see what was driving him, how he prepares and his best experiences in boxing, this is what he had to say…

“Like every other boxer, I want to win titles and get to a place where my kid’s kids will be financially secure. But more than that, I want my mum and dad to be able to enjoy retirement. My best memory of boxing, so far, is winning the amateur nationals with my younger brother.”

“I never really think about the fights till on the day of the fight; I just go with the flow. To get ready for a fight I always go shopping with my brothers and just have a chilled day before we go to battle.”

This is what “Lee from OTB” had to say about his upcoming fight… 

“I’m really looking forward to the fight on 23rd of October. No one has seen what I’m fully capable of, I can’t wait to show them more. I’ve had a choice of a few opponents for this next fight and I’ve picked a great step up. I think that he will challenge me the most whilst also playing to my strengths. Every fight from now is about stepping up and improving. I hope to get a chance at a title fight at the end of the year. However, I don’t want to overlook my opponent on the 23rd of October, the only thing that matters is winning… for now.”

Here are some of Levi’s thoughts on his sponsor, Samdai…

Samdai have been a massive support for my career with anything I’ve needed, financial help or media help they cover it all. They are more than just sponsors; I’ve definitely got lifelong friendships from everyone at Samdai.”

“I’ve known Darren (owner of Samdai) from growing up in school playing rugby together, and generally hanging out outside of school. We lost contact for a few years and then managed to get back in contact and he understood the journey I’m on being a professional rugby player. He knows how hard it is without the support of companies.”

“With all my sponsors I want it to be more than just a sponsorship but a friendship where both parties get the best out of the deal. Since me and Darren grew up together it’s been easier than most sponsorships and I can see us working together for a long period of time and developing the friendship.” 

As a company, Darren and the team are here to support Levi and his boxing career. Stay in tune with Levi’s journey with both our Instagram handles: @samdai_official & @leefromotb


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